10-15. October 2006              European Crane Conference (ECC 2006);


Hortobágy ().


                                               Chairmanship, oral presentation.



03. September –                      5th  Eurosite Spoonbill Workshop.


30. August 2005.                     Hortobágy ()


                                               Oral presentation



17-27. August 2005.               Aquatic Warbler International Congress.


                                               Palencia (Spain)


                                               Invited talk.



14-16. September 2004.         Great Bustard Conservation Congress.


                                               Illmitz (Austria)


                                               Invited talk.



29-31. October 2004.             6th Scientific Congress of the Birdlife Hungary.


                                               Debrecen ()


                                               Oral presentation.



21-24. April 2004.                  4 th  Eurosite Spoonbill Workshop.


                                               Baie du Somme (France).


                                               Invited talk.



02-05. October 2003.             Eurosite General Meeting


                                               Arlon (Belgium)





28. April – 02. May 2003.       1st Meeting Of the Signatory States of the MoU


of the Species Action Plan of the  Aquatic Warbler.


Minsk (Belorussia)


Invited talk.



10-14. April 2003.                  5th European Crane Conference (ECC 2003).


                                               Flämslätt ().


                                               Invited talk.



27-28 March 2003.                 Eurosite Council Meeting and Spoonbill Workshop.


                                               Budapest (Hungary)


                                               Oral presentation.



10-12 March 2003.                 Meeting of the Academic Committee of Debrecen


                                               Debrecen (Hungary)


                                               Oral presentation.



10-14. October 2002.             Ferrugineous Duck Workshop.


                                               Sofia (Bulgaria)


                                               Invited talk.



17-21. May 2002.                   Aquatic Warbler Conservation Workshop.


                                               Lublin (Poland)


                                               Invited talk.



20-22. April. 2002.                 4th  Eurosite Spoonbill Workshop.


                                               Texel (the Netherlands)


                                               Invited talk.




26-31. March 2001.                15th International Conference of the European


Bird Census Council.


Nyíregyháza (Hungary)


Oral and poster presentation.




11-13. November 2000.         4th European Crane Conference


Verdun, Lorraine (France)


Invited talk, poster presentation.



05-08. April 2000.                  3rd Eurosite Spoonbill Workshop


Marismas del Odiel, Huelva, Andalucía (Spain)


Invited talk.



16-19. October 1998.             Wader Study Group Conference


Keszthely (Hungary)



30. March - 02. April 1998.    Aquatic Warbler Workshop


Brodowin, Brandenburg (Germany)


Invited talk.




11-14. October 1996.             3rd European Crane Workshop


Stralsund (Germany)


Invited talk.