2004:               PhD degree                                                     University of Debrecen



2003:              defending a thesis for the PhD degree   University of Debrecen


(Habitat Selection of Breeding and


Migrating Bird Species and its


Conservational Applications in the


Hortobágy National Park)





1995-2003:     correspondent PhD student                              Biodiversity doctoral programme


Department of Evolutionary Zoology


University of Debrecen                       



1994:               Diploma (MSc.)                                                          University of Debrecen, Hungary


                                                                                              Department of Atomic Physics




1989-1994:     student of physics                                            University of Debrecen, Hungary




1984-1988:     obtaining a certificate of final examination         Kossuth Lajos Secondary School


                                                                                              Debrecen, Hungary




Positions / Financial Support




2006-               Deputy Chairman of the


European Working Group on Cranes




2005:               Scholarship: HAESF programme                     Badlands and Yellowstone


’Methodology of evaluating natural                  National Parks


and cultural values in Hungary              United States


 based on studies in the United States’



2001-2003:     project leader of the research program Hortobágy National Park


’Study of the effects of grazing on                    University of Debrecen


several taxonomic groups


in alkaline grasslands of the Hortobágy’



1998-:             member of the Aquatic Warbler Conservation Team



1998:              Scholarship


Expertise Exchange Programme                       Coto Donana National Park


EUROPARC                                                  Spain


Conservational questions of grazing


In one of the largest


wetland habitat in Europe




1998-:              Deputy Head                                                  Ranger Service


                                                                                              Hortobágy National Park




Debrecen, Hungary



1996-2006      member of the Rarities Committee                   Birdlife Hungary





1994-:             civil servant                                                     Ranger Service


                                                                                              Hortobágy National Park




Debrecen, Hungary